We produce fortnightly personal content discussing anxiety, stress and living in today’s world.

Hello! Welcome to our site. I’m Jasmine, and my mother is Tanya, and we are a mother and daughter blogging duo. We are here for the stressed out, overworked, and overwhelmed people who struggle with the daily demands of living. You are not alone. The world we live in is extremely stressful and challenging. A psychiatrist once told me, “it’s a wonder we’re not all on antidepressants.” We will be writing about life’s many joys and downfalls, including our experiences with chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, schooling, working, and moving forward after a horrible hysterectomy. This site is a place to feel safe, cared for, and informed. We hope that by sharing our experiences, we can help someone else. Please feel free to join us on our blogging journey. You can always contact us on our email or subscribe to our site to receive our future blogs.

A person is just like a flower that grows strong stems in all directions. It goes where the wind takes it. It changes with the seasons and blossoms to its full beautiful potential.

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